An Ode to Sustainable Living

For centuries we have taken more from this planet than we have cared to give back. It is witnessing this wanton exploitation that has led us to construct our rooms in a sustainable manner, using non-toxic materials like wood, stone and steel.
Main Home
Constructed with a hearty blend of Mysuru and Madikeri-style architecture, our main building will leave you torn between wanting to explore the engaging interiors and taking in the enchanting ecosystem right outside. The magnificent stone structure houses the Sunrise, Sunset and Earth rooms, apart from a spacious common area, a dining room and a study room for the bookish traveller.
Our library has been built up over the years with inspiring biographies and self-improvement books, coffee table books and local Kannada literature.

Sunrise Room

Step into this room and you step into another world, with a gorgeous view of the Western Ghats to greet you and a beautiful sunrise to wake you up in the morning.
The fine view and a welcoming breeze make the balcony a perfect place to settle down with a good book and a hot cuppa in the morning. Decorated with fine Warli paintings, the charm of the place stays with you long after you check out.

Sunset Room

A room designed to delight the senses, the sunset room overlooks a sea of green, peppered with the chirping of birds all round to bring the wilderness right to your balcony.
Enjoy the sun go down over this wonderful setting and celebrate the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Earth Room

Located on the ground floor of the building, the Earth room is beautiful in its simplicity and the adoring rays of the sun simply bring the best out this room.
Earth Room
Senior guests would benefit the most from this room due to its easy accessibility.

Gagana Room

Built to accommodate 8 guests at a time, this room is an ideal choice for a group of friends.
Gagana Room
Constructed with a thatched roof made of elephant grass, this room is a fine example of eco-friendly construction.

Barachukki Room

A cute duplex constructed along the lines of a tree house, this is every kid’s dream room.
Barachukki Room
Bring your family here for a memorable stay surrounded by nature’s finest offerings.

Kaveri Room

A small but sweet room for two, the Kavveri room comes with a thatched roof that complements its interiors and conforms to our sustainable construction practices.

Camping Tents

Now if you’re among those of us who craves an adventurous night out in the jungle, then these camping tents are meant for you. Spend a memorable night under the starry skies in our permaculture garden with our tents for cover.
Tent House

Other Facilities

Our other facilities include an eco-friendly swimming pool where the water is chlorine-free and re-used for agricultural purposes. Yoga-enthusiasts can meditate in the peaceful surroundings of our meditation area. Not just this, our extensive library has been built up over the years with inspiring biographies and self-improvement books, coffee table books and local Kannada literature. Indoor games such as chess and carom are available, as are outdoor activities and games such as bicycling and badminton.

Indoor Games

Outdoor Games

“Comfortable eco friendly facilities at ChukkiMane”