Day Outing Program

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Corporate Day Outing Program to be planned? Not finding a suitable location with all facilities that can make the day outing for each and every team member a memorable and intellectual experience? Then look no further. Chukki Mane ecotourism, an eco sustainable corporate day outing eco resort with the right mix of adventure and leisure offers the best location and facilities for your upcoming Corporate Day Outing Program.

Our team outing organizers make sure that with a customized team outing program, your team would want to do more, reach further, think deeper, and bridge differences quicker.

Benefits of Corporate Day Outing Program at Chukki Mane:

  • Improving the bond and team spirit between the employees.
  • Greater social and mutual understanding in the team.
  • Creates easy environment to break the barriers or complexes between the team members.
  • Giving a break to the employees from the regular and monotonous office work.
  • A great stress buster with a lot of fun and entertainment activities.

Corporate Day Outing Packages

Fun Outings
A custom package that is designed for a simple team outing, celebrating organization anniversary, team outings with family.
Package that includes complete workshop training program for a medium and large teams.
Client Appreciation parties
Package that includes hosting Client Appreciation parties and dinners, to showcase the gratitude to your customers for bonding with the organization in a long run.
Award functions
Package that includes hosting the Annual Award functions of the organizations. These functions are the time when employees can showcase their hidden talents and skills to one and all in the organization and also a best way to get to know more about your team members in detail.
Theme parties and Holiday parties
Packages that include customized New Year Celebrations, Independence Day Celebrations, any particular festival celebrations.