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  • To bring awareness about the “Greener Planet” by doing thousands of sapling plantations
  • To bring Eco-Sustainable living programs for the urban citizens
  • To support the cause of creative education to the rural unprivileged children to improve the life skills
  • Enhancing Rural Tourism


Easy to make and best as a snack! this south indian preparation traditionally calls for more amount of rice, however i made it with just 2 tablespoons rice and lots of dals so that you can enjoy it often without worrying about rising blood sugar levels!

Chukki Mane cuisine is very diverse. Described as the mildest in terms of spice content of the Mysore cuisines, there is a generous use of jaggery, palm sugar and little use of chili powder. Since the percentage of vegetarians in Karnataka is higher than other southindian states, vegetarian food enjoys widespread popularity.