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  • To bring awareness about the “Greener Planet” by doing thousands of sapling plantations
  • To bring Eco-Sustainable living programs for the urban citizens
  • To support the cause of creative education to the rural unprivileged children to improve the life skills
  • Enhancing Rural Tourism
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Photography Tour

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Camer-IconRiver banks
Camer-IconSun rise and Sun set
Camer-IconAgriculture lands
Camer-IconVillage life
Camer-IconOldest town since 1905
Camer-IconMudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple Jaatre(during Jan and Feb)
Camer-IconOld house architecture
Camer-IconPaddy fields
Camer-IconWeekly Santhe
Camer-IconBrick Factory
Camer-IconOldest Stone river bridge
Camer-IconShivanasamudra Power Station
Camer-IconDomestic animals grazing
Camer-IconLocal milk dairy
Camer-IconGaganachukki and Barachukki during rainy season
“ChukkiMane has an expertise team to lead you on adventure paths for exploring exotic landscapes and simultaneously enrich your photographic skills. Our dedicated tour operators help you in enhancing photographic abilities while escorting you into the beautiful locations around ChukkiMane, waterfalls and other historical places”
Shivanasamudra is a home for variety of birds. These amazing birds and its nest are located perfectly in the midst of trees in hills. Trekking across these places would entice the bird and photography lovers to catch those moments in their cameras spontaneously.
Click the pictures of our traditional lifestyle, monuments, birds, waterfalls, etc. to create your biography.

“Photography. It’s all about light”

“Let your dream come true. Your passion captures great moments”