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  • To bring awareness about the “Greener Planet” by doing thousands of sapling plantations
  • To bring Eco-Sustainable living programs for the urban citizens
  • To support the cause of creative education to the rural unprivileged children to improve the life skills
  • Enhancing Rural Tourism

Eco Tours

Family tour
Chukki Eco Resorts is an eco friendly nature resort that nestles on the river Cauvery basin among misty mountains and evergreen forests. Its not every other day that you can spare time from your busy schedule to take your family on a vacation tour. Spend quality time with your family. Read More

Village tour
Ecotourism Village Tour is organized for the interested visitors. The tour covers villages around “Chukki Mane” located at a distance of about 5Km, namely Javanaganahalli, Belakavadi, Hosalli and Kiragasur. Read More

Nature tour
Chukki Mane Photography Tours take you on a journey through some of unexplored and most stunning landscapes as you learn to enrich your photographic experiences. Our Tour operators have the ability to bring out your own photographic style and help you in enhancing your photographic capabilities. Read More

History and Heritage tour
Chukki Eco Resorts is a celebration of beauty, heritage and nature and hence an ideal destination for a perfect family outing. We offer weekend gateways for the entire family to spend some time with each other in a unique way. This eco resort also takes pride in being a heritage site where you can spend many leisurely hours soaking-in ethnic richness of the times gone by. Read More

Social service tour
Chukki Mane Ecotourism has created Social Service programs for small groups that provide authentic volunteering experiences. Projects are community-led and focus on sustainable development, education and environmental conservation. Read More

“I like this place and could willingly spend my time at ChukkiMane”