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  • To bring awareness about the “Greener Planet” by doing thousands of sapling plantations
  • To bring Eco-Sustainable living programs for the urban citizens
  • To support the cause of creative education to the rural unprivileged children to improve the life skills
  • Enhancing Rural Tourism
Day outing

Family Day Outing

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Spend a memorable weekend out with your family in the lap of nature at Chukki Mane. Be it a day exploring rural life or a day in the fields, discover experiences that will stay with you long after you are back to your daily lives. Explore exciting trails around Shivanasamudra and experience the incomparable beauty of the Eastern Ghats, or witness the ingenuity of the unique cultivation practices implemented here and revel in the magic of the waterfalls.
There are choices aplenty for you and your family to have a weekend worth cherishing at Chukki Mane, with our permacultural garden adding to Mother Nature’s simple gifts in making the world around us a more beautiful place to live in.

A Sequence of Culinary Delights

Menu Items
Breakfast Thatte Idli, Coconut Chutney, Pongal, Sambar
Lunch Served on Banana Leaf
Puri and Veg Curry, Colored Rice, Sweet, Butter Milk,
Ragi Ball, Sambar, Papad, Pickle, White Rice,
Vegetables, Salad
HiTea and Snacks Served on Donne Leaves
Poha, Veg Pakoda or Bajji
Note: Our delicacies will be prepared to suit Jain requirements, please inform us of your requirements while booking.

“Time spent with family is worth every second”

“Sharing the experience with twist”