• To create awareness about fostering a greener planet by planting saplings and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • To design Eco-Sustainable living programs tailor-made for urban citizens.
  • Enhancing experiential tourism in rural India to create a platform of progress built on mainstream recognition.
  • To support the cause of providing creative education to underprivileged children in rural India with a view to building their life skills.
ChukkiMane ecoliving resort near Bangalore

Chukki Mane – An Amusing Place

‘Chukki’ and ‘Mane’ are Kannada words, which translates to English as “Star Home”. One of the main reason to name the home as “Chukki Mane” is because it is located very close to twin waterfalls, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki of river Kaveri at Shivanasamudra.

ChukkiMane is built in the spacious midst of green farms articulates the vibrations of nature. Retaining the heritage of glamorous buildings and monuments of royal place Mysuru, ChukkiMane is located near Mysuru to spread the richness of the land.



Birds Sanctuary

ChukkiMane is encompassed with a variety of plants and trees to provide a home for many nests. The migrating birds travel several miles and eventually reach this land to enjoy the greenery and feel like home. An eye-catching moment at ChukkiMane is to look at birds’ weaving its nests. Birds collects, brings and stitches every twig to build its nest in trees and secure their eggs. Birds like Sunbird, Robins, Kites, Franklins and many more can be spotted.

Traditional Village Festival

The most enjoyable moment of the ChukkiMane is the traditional festival of the villages. Well- organized and impressively managed festival attracts everyone from neighboring places to learn about their traditionally-rich festivals. The blend of customary and modern adds an array of colorful celebrations with their specialty. A visit to surrounding villages definitely reflects the religious, heritage, and cultural vividness to the visitors. Explore an opportunity to visit the places in close proximity. Many tourist destinations are included as must see places to visitors.

Breathe Fresh

ChukkiMane provides a unique experience after driving for many kilometers. Visitors are accommodated in spacious rooms to relax. The rooms are covered with abundant trees to ensure that the natural air gushes into these rooms to let you breathe fresh air.

Farming in ChukkiMane

ChukkiMane’s exclusive organic farming produces fruits and vegetables for everyday use. The range of assorted flowers with distinctive colors is grown in this locale gives an arena for photography.

Clear Water for Swimming

Activities in ChukkiMane include swimming. An inbuilt swimming pool contains water that is pure, clear and unpolluted to keep you healthy and refreshed.


The authentic food prepared in ChukkiMane strictly avoids preservatives. We use the organic vegetables grown in-house to prepare breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Uniqueness of ChukkiMane

ChukkiMane, an exclusive place built to provide the absolute freshness. This is the perfect place for people to discover and enjoy farming, agriculture, cooking, and much more. The team of ChukkiMane avoids hush-hush business and completely free to communicate any information.
ChukkiMane is customized from outside to inside to experience the closeness of the nature. This destination is intended to give dust, pollution and alcohol free environment to ensure that every visitor perfectly enjoy the freshness. An extreme care is offered by the team of ChukkiMane to visitors in ensuring that they enjoy every moment.

Milestones of Chukki Mane

Chukki Mane Rural Tourism is located in a village called Belakavadi in Mandya district of Karnataka.

This house is an improvised example of the traditional Karnataka home “Thotti Mane”, where local traditional building elements, styles and technologies have been used to review them and add context to the Architecture of the Residence.

The entire construction has been done by local village workers, with labour training given during construction. Entire house has been built using natural and low energy materials which are environment friendly construction technology. We have used the available natural stones (kaadukallu) from nearby hills, wood from local village farms and sand from river Cauvery has been the main source of inspiration for building this unique house for Nature lovers. Wooden flooring, large stone slabs and ancient wooden pillars make Chukki Mane very special from regular concrete structures. It’s a pleasant moment for our guest’s to admire beautiful picturisation of village life & forgotten games and the walls are hand painted using Warli art. Chukki Mane offers you the possibility of being a weekend gateway from Bangalore, located 124 Kms away from Bangalore.

At Chukki Mane, we believe in maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature by minimizing the impact and preserving its rich bio diverse ecosystem. Chukki Mane Rural Tourism is for the responsible travelers who understands the need for the above and helps us maintain.

We offer all the amenities and comforts required to a responsible traveler and would like to emphasize that we offer you a pleasant stay.

Chukki Mane conducts Photography Tours, we take you on a journey through some of the unexplored and most stunning landscapes to enrich your photographic experiences. Our nature Tour operators have the ability to bring out your own photographic style and help and enhance your photography capabilities.

We help you to see the world with new eyes – learning to capture images that tell a story through your lenses, while you visit some of the most beautiful locations in and around Chukki Mane, Shivanasamudra and other historic places. We offer hands-on advice and guidance to convert your hobby in to passion.

How we are different

Catalyst for Nature development as well as an idea model of sustainable nature focused creative learning and Rural Tourism. It investigates ecological and spiritual alternatives to the modern way of living and thinking. Chukki Mane appears to be very simple but it is the wisdom of knowledge as you explore. We can gain knowledge on different varieties of flora and fauna, rare species of birds and regarding useful trees and plants.

With pure air, bird song and endless views of grasslands and farms, the retreat is perfect place to recharge yourself after a challenging week in the city, and reconnect with your loved ones over a delicious, healthy meal. This is the ideal place to come out of the stress and enjoy the nature.

This Rural Tourism place offers thrilling exciting coracle rides down the River Kaveri, giving You the chance to experience the serenity of nature and the mesmerizing sunset across the river. Among the other activities, bird watching, angling, fishing, or even climbing jagged rocks and unexplored trails are of interest. For those on the mellow side of the life, a simple nature walk or a guided trek is recommended. With its rustic charm, Chukki Mane is the perfect place for Experiential learning for corporate groups.

Chukki Mane Present View